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The art of woodcarving goes back to the 16th century. At first it was a pastime during the long snowy winters, but it soon became a cultural element of considerable importance to the Ladin valley.

Initially, toys, tools and household utensils were carved and sold at the spring fairs to improve the meagre income from agriculture. Other handicraft objects soon followed. Later, the carvers devoted more and more time to artistic sculptures that quickly became a recognized and world-renowned art form.

Today Val Gardena craftsmanship is admired for its sculptures and objects that reflect both tradition as well as contemporary tastes.

The wooden sculptures, then as now, are for the most part made by hand. The chosen motifs often stem from the religious traditions of the Alpine region. In the meantime non-religious sculptures are also successful.

Wooden sculptures are small, original works of art for all who appreciate their artistic value and who want to revive a centuries-old tradition in their own home or in the homes of loved ones.
The “Gardena Art” brand was launched to protect woodcarving products from imitations. This trademark should above all convey the message: “Gardena Art” is 100 per cent Val Gardena. The customer can rely on the fact that the products with the trademark “Gardena Art” are produced exclusively in the Val Gardena valley.