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General conditions of sale

§ 1. Validity

On submitting an order the purchaser agrees to our general terms and conditions which are valid at the time of the order along with the additional conditions listed below. Different conditions apply only by written agreement.

§ 2. Purchaser/Vendor

  • On placing an order the purchaser declares to be fully capable of acting and that the personal details supplied are correct.
  • The Vendor is "Laboratorio di sculture in legno Alberto Comploj" Via Rezia 52 39046 St. Ulrich (BZ) – ITALY , registered in the Company Register of the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, VAT number 00065200214

§ 3. Conclusion of contract

The customer's order is a binding offer to conclude a contract for the purchase of merchandise The order execution raises the explicit knowledge and acceptance by the customer of all the general terms and conditions of sale. The purchase agreement will be fulfilled within 14 days when the seller sends the goods ordered or an order confirmation The mere confirmation of receipt of an order does not imply the conclusion of a contract If the seller does not send within 14 days the merchandise or send an order confirmation the proposed purchase is not valid. The missing confirmation of the purchase agreement does not give the customer any rights or claims.

§ 4. Purchace price

  • In general the valid purchase price for goods ordered is the price stated in the catalogues, pricelists or database of the Vendor. These prices include VAT at the rate applicable in Italy, but exclude any costs for delivery, packing, customs or other duties. In the case of a change in the rate of VAT after the contract has been accepted the new VAT rate will be applicable. If between the date of order and the date of delivery the producer communicates a variation in the price, this will be taken into consideration if the product is subject to legal price fixing.
  • VAT exempt intra-Community deliveries require the notification of the VAT number of the purchaser at the time of ordering as well as delivery to an address outside Italy.

§ 5. Delivery costs

  • Nationwide (Italy)
    • Delivery by mail 15,00 €
    • DHL Express delivery 22,00 €
  • Austria, Germany
    • Express Delivery (DPD) standard direct costs

§ 6 Payment conditions

  • Nationwide (Italy)
    • Personal pick up from our shop: invoice, credit card, PayPal
    • Delivery by mail: invoice, credit card, PayPal
    • DHL Express deliveryinvoice, credit card, PayPal
  • Austria, Germany
    • Express Delivery (DPD) standard: invoice, credit card,PayPal

§ 7 Delivery and risk

  • The products on the site are available: or the Vendor will obtain them without unnecessary dely. Delivery within Italy varies from four to seven working days and depends on the postal service. Deliveries abroad are by private courier service and usually take two to five working days longer. If a product is unavailable this must be communicated without delay to the purchaser. In this case the purchase contract is not valid. Rights of a purchaser by the impossibility of fulfillment of the contract are excluded.
  • Delivery will be to the address indicated by the purchaser on placing the order. He will be responsible for any costs incurred due to invalid, incomplete or unclear information. If the vendor’s invoices or deliveries are not delivered due to a change of address not informed by the purchaser, the purchaser will be liable for any cost involved in finding his new address.
  • The vendor has the right to send partial deliveries. All additional shipping costs to be borne by the seller.
  • The shipment of goods is by mail or by private courier service eg. DPD
  • All deliveries are made at the purchaser’s risk.

§ 8 Payment, retention of title

  • The vendor's invoices with deliveries to the national territory must, if not agreed otherwise, be paid within 14 days after the date of receipt of goods. A right of compensation with any claims may be made against the buyer only if these are legally verified or on written acknowledgement from the vendor.
  • The vendor is entitled to refuse to accept the order or to withdraw from a purchase after accepting the order, if there are delays in payment from the purchaser from previous shipments.
  • In the case of default by the purchaser interest will be paid to “Laboratorio di sculture Alberto Comploj”. Furthermore, the purchaser will be liable for all costs related to debt recovery expenses such as reminders, a survey of the address, and legal representation. There is no obligation for the vendor to make requests. The claim for damage payments beyond the interest is reserved.
  • The delivered goods remain property of the vendor until full payment is received. . If a third party in an enforcement proceedings or insolvency proceedings should take advantage of the product purchased, the buyer must notify the third party of the property rights of the vendor and immediately notify the vendor. In the case of a resale by the purchaser of a product purchased, but not yet fully paid for, the person may consent to the transfer of all benefits from this resale to the vendor.

§ 9 Guarantee, liability, third party rights

  • In the case of a justified complaint of a defect, for example, a wrong delivery despite a clear order, the vendor is liable for the cost of return shipping and shipping for the new delivery. Additional rights such as compensation for damages as a result of or damage to property in respect to third parties are excluded.
  • A credit for wrongly delivered goods may be granted only if the returned goods show no signs of use or if audio and visual aids and software products are returned in its original sealed packaging
  • Shipping damages are to be indicated clearly by the purchaser to the carrier
  • Der Verkäufer übernimmt keinerlei Haftung für den Inhalt der Kaufsache, insbesondere deren formale oder inhaltliche Richtigkeit und Rechtmäßigkeit. Dieser Haftungsausschluss gilt nach gesetzlicher Maßgabe auch für eine allfällige Haftung aus dem Titel der Produkthaftung und für Ansprüche gegen MitarbeiterInnen des Verkäufers.
  • The vendor is not responsible for any technical failures in the operation of the online ordering system
  • Der Käufer nimmt zur Kenntnis, dass am Kaufgegenstand Rechte Dritter, insbesondere Urheberrechte und sonstige Immaterialgüterrechte bestehen, wenn es sich um Druckwerke, Softwareprodukte oder Ton-, Bild- und Bild/Ton-Träger handelt. Er verpflichtet sich, den Kaufgegenstand nur im urheberrechtlich zulässigen Rahmen zu nützen.
  • In addition, all text, graphics and content of the online database portal are subject, if not explicitly stated, to copyright protection

§ 10 Consumer protection

These provisions apply only to purchasers who are consumers under the law on consumer protection (Lgs. D. Nr. 206/2005).

Under Article 64 of the Consumer Protection Act (D. Lgs Nr. 206/2005) for proposed contracts at a distance or negotiated away from business premises, the consumer may cancel the contract without penalty and without specifying the reason, within ten working days.

The refund of the purchase price will take place as soon as the complete and unused goods have been returned. The goods must be returned within 10 working days of the execution of the right of withdrawal to: “Laboratorio di sculture in legno Alberto Comploj” Via Rezia 52 39046 St. Ulrich (BZ) – ITALY. The purchaser is liable for the cost of returning the goods. If the returned goods are damaged or used or not returned in the same quantity as delivered, the purchaser must provide adequate compensation for the loss of value.

There is no right of withdrawal under Consumer Protection Law for newspapers and magazines, nor for audio or visual aids or media software products, if not returned in the original sealed package.

§ 11 Final clauses

The purchase contract is considered concluded in Italy. As such, Italian law is applicable (only its referral rules) excluding the right to purchase in the EU even if the order or delivery is abroad. The location of the fulfillment of the order is Bolzano. Jurisdiction is the court actually and exclusively responsible for the local office of the “Laboratorio di sculture Alberto Comploj”, if not given a different venue due to Consumer Protection of consumers (the consumer's home or residence).

If individual provisions of these terms of sale do not meet the requirements of the law, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In the event that any provision of the Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this shall be construed in accordance with their substance.

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